Prompt Side Story

I'm Jill, a 24 year-old stage manager tackling the city that never sleeps, but I left my heart in Italy. Currently pursuing my MFA in Stage Management.

I am a/an: theatre nerd, feminist, Potterhead, Whovian, Gleek, Gemini, student, Tribute, writer, Slytherin, and dreamer.

I love coffee, Emma Watson, Jesus, chinchillas, Pitch Perfect, quirky office supplies, Percy Weasley, good books, meaningful art, thrift stores, musicals, Clémence Poésy, cover songs, The Big Bang Theory, Chris Rankin, Fleur Delacour, opera, puppies, late nights with good friends, Criminal Minds, Naya Rivera, PostSecret, equality, Grey's Anatomy, Neil Patrick Harris, the smell of new books, Karen Gillian, campfires, Disney, ink-stained fingers, Marcus Flint, Rebel Wilson, Skins, Princess Tiana, mixed drinks, Oliver Wood, Once Upon A Time, the smell of old books, How I Met Your Mother, and intelligent people.

I believe that anything can be accomplished through hard work, that true love does exist, that God don't make no trash, that it's better to do the right thing and be hated than to sit idly by, and that caffeine is a miracle drug.
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Sitting in on someone else’s rehearsal and feeling the adrenaline whenever an actor calls for line.

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    One time in class, my teacher shouted out, “Like!” and I thought it was, “LINE!” and I instinctively tried to deliver,...
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    I love sitting in Acting class and reading your theatre posts.
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